Advertise your car care business in the web business directory.
Yellow Pages Advertising at a fraction of the cost.
Ads so reasonable that there is no good reason for not advertising.

I would like to introduce myself, and my yellow pages directory website that is directed toward promotion of automotive businesses in Colorado. I am Philip Hulings. I have been developing websites for several years, and have developed a site for car care and auto dealer businesses to promote their services and products.

My website is, and it is free to have your business listed in as many categories as appropriate. It is my desire to see become the yellow pages for car care needs of motorists everywhere in the state of Colorado.

Those of you who share my vision for new business coming from can make your business stand out from others, by electing to place a graphic advertisement for your business. I offer 2" x 4" ads on city listing pages and on category pages.

It is my goal to keep advertising prices low. With that in mind, I offer the following ad prices. These are for ads designed and sized appropriately and ready to list. I can also design your advertisement ad to your specifications for an added charge.

An ad 400 pixel wide and 200 pixels high, placed on the city page for your category is just $ 10.00 a month on an annual basis. That is just $ 125.00 per year. Example: Tires in Denver.

A 200 pixel x 200 pixel ad cost $ 75.00 a year. A smaller ad that makes you stand out, just a little less.

Place a graphic ad on the main category page for your offering. If you do not have a web page of your own, we can create a single page web for you about your company, where you can offer coupons or perhaps a free item that will bring customers to you. The graphic ad and the web page cost you $ 125.00 per year.

Place a link to your web site for $ 30.00 per year from any of your ads that appear in web directory.

Make your company stand out in the list by BOLDING AND ENLARGING THE TEXT TO #12 size, for just $ 50.00 per year for each listing.

Have a multi view ad which can combine your store image and an ad. 2 ads that rotate to give extra exposure to you. 400 x 200 combo of 2 or more frames will cost you
$ 125.00 a year. Each additional frame added to the multi view ad over 5 will be $ 60.00 additional.

Please visit and check that you are listed in the appropriate categories. If you find that your listing is incorrect, please inform me of the changes necessary to make it correct. I look forward to many years of growth for you and your business. can help you find new customers, and keep old customers aware of all the services you can offer them. Remember, it is not where your customers see you, it is important that they see you in many places so that when they are ready to buy, you are the choice that comes to mind.

E-mail me at with your contact information, along with the best time to contact you. Together we can make it easier for customers to find the services and products they need for their car.

Make your vehicle an advertisement by ordering a custom designed rear window graphic mural from .