Have You Seen The Price Of Oil Lately?

I was having a carburetor problem with my riding mower the other day. The Carb was dumping too much gas into the engine and it was going into the crankcase and diluting the oil. I decided to buy a couple quarts of regular oil to change until I was sure I had the problem fixed. I went to two automotives. The first one had regular oil starting at about $5.99 a quart. They also had their house brand on sale for $2.99 a quart, but was completely out of it. The second place had the same minimum $5.99 a quart for most oil, and had their house brand at $3.99 qt. I bought 2 quarts of their house brand and put it in until I know my problem is solved.

Everyone says "Amsoil Cost Too Much" I decided to take a look since regular oil was so expensive.

First I decided to see what retail cost of Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil is. I looked at ASL 5W-30 100% Synthetic Motor Oil with a recommended service life of up to 25,000 miles per year, with only filter changes at 6 months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. Retail price for Amsoil ASL QT quart is $11.10 per quart as of 10/1/15.

Regular oil is designed to be used around 3 months or 5,000 miles between oil and filter change. Amsoil saves you money because you can use it for a full year between changes. If you want to save even more, become an Amsoil Dealer, and buy direct. The current dealer cost per quart of ASL 5W-30 motor oil is $7.85 per quart.  Therefore it is just slightly more than the regular motor oil at about $5.99 the automotive was offering. Amsoil Synthetic Oil is higher quality and protects your engine better, while saving you gas.

Would you like to sell Amsoil synthetic oil products to your friends and family? The Amsoil Dealership is your answer. Buy direct from Amsoil Inc. at dealer cost. Make a profit when you sell the Amsoil oil products, and earn commission credits toward monthly commission checks. When you contact Amsoil, tell them Phil Hulings dealer 96266 sent you.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil Save Gas. Save 10% or more by switching to Amsoil synthetic oil.

Amsoil synthetic oil offers many engine oils to meet any specific motor oil requirement you may have.

Amsoil synthetic engine oil is ideal in cold weather because most Amsoil synthetic motor oils pour down to -60 degrees F. 

When the weather gets hot and traffic turns your drive into a severe operating condition with stop and go slow travel, Amsoil can take the heat. Amsoil synthetic 5w30 motor oil has a flash point of 446 degrees F. with a pour point of -60 degrees F.
Look at the specifications on your current oil and see if they are even willing to tell you their flash point and low temperature pour point. Even if they do tell you the specifications for their oil, Amsoil synthetic oil will still out perform theirs.

Amsoil synthetic oil saves gas. Amsoil synthetic oil performs better than petroleum oil and therefore saves you money.

Amsoil synthetic oil provides the best protection your equipment can get.
Buy Amsoil Direct


Amsoil Series 2000 synthetic 0w30 motor oil for long oil change and improved fuel economy.
Amsoil 5w30 synthetic motor oil for 25000 mile oil change and the best protection available in a 5w30 motor oil.
Amsoil 20w50 synthetic high performance motor oil designed for high performance engines.
Amsoil XL7500 5w20 synthetic motor oil designed for 7500 mile oil change.
Amsoil XL7500 5w30 synthetic motor oil for 6 month oil change or 7500 miles.
Amsoil XL7500 10w30 synthetic motor oil for an extended oil change of 7500 miles.
Amsoil synthetic oil will save you gas, while protecting your engine and investment to the fullest degree.
Buy Amsoil synthetic oil direct from Amsoil Inc as customer 96266. Save money on gas and maintenance.
Amsoil Series 2000 synthetic racing oil for high performance motors under severe conditions.
Amsoil 10w30 synthetic motor oil for 1 year oil change  and better gas mileage.
Amsoil SAE60 synthetic super heavy weight racing oil for high viscosity in high performance racing engines.
Amsoil oil filters for long oil life through better lubrication.
Amsoil by-pass oil filter system can keep motor oil analytically clean for long use.
Amsoil 10w40 and 20w50 synthetic motor oil specially designed for motorcycles.
Amsoil Series 3000 5w30 heavy duty diesel motor oil resist oil breakdown better than conventional oil.

Buy Amsoil Synthetic Oil Products direct from Amsoil.
Buy Amsoil Synthetic Oil
Direct from Amsoil Inc

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