Have a custom designed rear window graphic mural made for your rear window.


    Be very accurate with your measurements. They will determine the finished size of the graphic mural.
    Check your measurements to make sure it is not smaller than needed.

    How to measure your pickup slider window for a rear window graphic mural.
    Be sure to tell me the width of each of the upright styles for the slider window, and the instep from the top and bottom for the slider if it steps in.
    p.s.  The graphic can be installed across the styles to keep from having the styles break the graphic design.

  • Up to 2 MB in size. If larger, please email to me at philhulings@aol.com with all your details.
    Remember that the larger the graphic, the better your finished graphic mural will be.

    Please do not downsize your graphic before sending. Best formats are .jpg or .png
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The majority of my graphics sized up to 24" high and 66" wide, are priced at $ 189.99 + $ 18.00 S&H